Multiple entries for a single call in Freepbx reports

Hi, I have Freepbx 2.2.1 and have inbound route hit a follow me extension (103 in this case)
The follow me rules are ringallv2 - with 20 seconds for the primary extension and then my cell phone (510xxx)
Confirm calls setting is enabled.

As you can see in the snippet below - every call that comes in creates three entries in the freepbx reports - anyway I can cut this down to 1 entry? and is this behaviour normal?

  1. 2007-05-19 235508	Local/1415...	919XXXXXXX


  2. 2007-05-19 235508	SIP/415...	919XXXXXXX

    919XXXXXXX 103 ANSWERED 1051

  3. 2007-05-19 235508	Local/RG-1...	919XXXXXXX

    919XXXXXXX RG-103-1510XXXXXXX#



if you are using rinvallv2 then you are not running 2.2.1 - you are running the trunk version - (2.3.alpha) or otherwise I’m not sure how you got ringallv2 configured which is only on trunk.

However - that was not your question…

It is normal to have multiple cdr records because of the nature of the way the calls are attempted. Mayve one of these days I will have some time to figure out how I may be able to keep some of the ‘meaningless’ ones out but for now, that is how it is.

I have just installed Feepbx 2.3.0 and i was testing the ringallv2 .
I understood that with ringallv2 i can let a my extension ring and when it send the call to follow me on my mobile it will keep ringing on my extension. but when i configured it it still ring on my extension then forward it on my mobile via my trunk.

is this behavior normal ?


the behavior will depend on how you are configured and whether you use the Initial ring time and whether you include the primary extensions in the followme list, at the top. There is a fairly in-depth article on this, take a look at the Technical Corner documentation.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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in the user portal a have put the follow configuration .
follow me list :extension number
mobile number
Ring extention for : 4 sec
Ring Followme list for : 30 sec

user confirmation : enable

when i use this it rings internal and on my mobile when i pick up my mobile it asks for confirmation.
but it does not let me confirm it before the 30 sec. after that i confim and it says
" i’am sory the incoming call is no longer available or has been answerd by someone else"
and hangs up

if i disable user confirmation it go’s direct to my mobile and i can pick up the phone normaly. but it stops ringing on my extention. while it’s ringing on my mobile.

I want it to ring on my mobile and my extention and first pick first serve.

how can i solve this ??

sounds to me like your dtmf to the mobile phone may not be configured properly because the proper behavior is your desired behavior. It should ring both at the same time and who ever answers first (and confirms if checked) will take the call. The “I’m sorry message” plays on your mobile once it eventually detects the call has been answered or abandoned by the caller, or went to voicemail.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
http// - IRC #freepbx