Multiple DIDs problem

Hello. (Sorry for my english)
I have 36 DID SIP that work perfectly but when I enter the CDR calls only shows one channel. The inbound routes are working ok but the CDR not show the correct channel, always shows the same channel.
When When I have 2 simultaneous calls the call is busy

I think that the error is it:

– Executing [114301@from-trunk:1] Set(“SIP/114306-b7870bb8”, “__FROM_DID=114301”)

I need you help please.

How many concurrent conversations does your sip connection allow. Just because you have 36 dids, doesn’t mean you can have that many conversations at the same time. I’d check this out with the carrier.


I think I have two conversations for each line.I have 36 lines configured in asterisk.Each line will set up an inbound route.
each line will set up an inbound route, but when you execute a SET call me channel changes in the CDR and the rest of the trace of the call.

The call routing works perfect, every line is a ivr (each line to a different ivr)

I think I’m setting something wrong in the inbound route