Multiple DID's Help

I’m currently working with an issue on getting two or more DID’s setup under on PBX Server. I have two different DID’s by Vitelity and I want each DID receive calls and send out calls.
The issue I’m having is with outgoing. I’ll explain using two example DID numbers (1231234567 and 3213214567)
So far when my main DID that I use is 1231234567 and I can call out with it. The CID is 1231234567 whenever I call out and I can receive calls to it if I call this DID.
My other DID is 3213214567 and I can receive calls to this DID if I call it. But whenever I’m calling out from this DID the CID that appears is the 1231234567 one.
I have 4 trunks setup, an Incoming and Outgoing for the 3213214567 and an Incoming and Outgoing for the 1231234567.
I have both Incoming Routes and Outgoing Routes for both DID’s too.

What could I be doing wrong? Why when I call out of the 3123214567 phone I get the CID of the 1231234567 one?

You misunderstand how it all works, DID’s are “Direct Inbound Dial” numbers, (phone numbers that the rest of the world can call and that you pay your carrier for them to make your phones ring) a trunk is a network path of one or more channels that can generally carry both “outbound calls” and “outbound calls”. The CALLERID(num) variable is what your carrier will present to the device that answers the phone number that you called, (if it can ).

In your case it is up to you to set that CallerID in your individual extensions, normally with a string like "Your Name" <NXXNXXXXXX> (for NANP land and your carrier) but in general “Your Name” will be ignored if calling “Out of the carriers network”. If you don’t do that then anything that you set up in the trunk as a default CallerID will be used.

The wiki I believe explains all that, both how to set up the trunk defaults and how to set up the individual extensions, I suggest you spend some time there perhaps.

(To summarize, there is no intrinsic one-for-one association of an extension with a DID, nor in general the number of concurrent calls in each direct for a “trunk”, that is all about the contract you have with your carrier, you need to build your one-to-one if you want to, but you will find it is much more flexible than that)

Okay thank you. In the trunks I should leave CID blank, and just put the CID under extensions only?

That would be answered by what you want to do, the obvious answer is “obviously” but most things are there for a reason, maybe you want to send your mother-in-law straight to voicemail if she calls your number. Again, perhaps back to the wiki until you have read it all (a couple of times) :slight_smile: