Multiple day/night toggles with a time condition?

Is it possible to have more than 1 working day/night condition while using a time condition. I have followed the setup outlined in the docs and can get *280 to work with a time condition with no problems. I created *281 to use for inclement weather if the office closed early but it does not work at all. When I dial *281 and dial in and test it will ALWAYS play the *280 day/night condition.

In short on bad weather days I need to dial into the system and toggle to the IVR that plays the inclement weather IVR so clients know we are closed.

current setup below.

time condition m-f 9-5 calls go to RG 600, after hours to night IVR

if receptionist is busy she dials *280 to bypass RG600 and play another IVR that says they are open but unavailable. (works fine)

Inbound routes> any DID/CID set destination is : day/night mode (0) NotAvailable

created day/night *281 Day=time condition (9-5pm) Night=Inclement weather IVR

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I think I answered this at the PIAF forum, but here goes again. Put the inclement day/night toggle (*281) as the first thing in your incoming route. Day mode, points to you receptionist day/night toggle (*280). Night mode should point to your inclement weather IVR. That should do it.