Multiple custom ringtones on Digium phone?

Is it possible to upload multiple custom ringtones in the Digium DPMA area of FreePBX and have them show up on Digium D40 phones?

It seems that only one ringtone can be chosen to be available for selection on the Digium phones, although the documentation states otherwise:

“ringtone – Loads ringtones onto a phone. More than one ringtone may be loaded onto a phone.”

How can you load more than one ringtone on the Digium phones through the FreePBX UI or in the res_digium_phone_devices.conf file? I’ve tried adding multiple “ringtone=” lines to the phone config in the conf file, but they aren’t available on the phone after reconfiguring the phone.

Thank you

If you load more than one onto a phone, what does your type=phone entry for that phone from the res_digium_phone_devices.conf file show?

How do I load more than one onto a phone using FreePBX? I can upload multiple ringtones using the Connectivity -> Digium Phones -> Ringtones admin area, but you can only choose a single (default) ringtone in the Connectivity -> Digium Phones -> Phones edit page.

Hah, I’m dense. Yes, there’s not a multi-select box to allow you to load multiple ones onto a phone. Are you finding that users want to choose from a range of ringtones? As it is, the only way to have more than one ringtone fire is to have it fired via an Alert-Info, and adding alerts to phones, which you can do, should take care of that.