Multiple custom outbound trunk/Mobigater/Celliax

I have the teleyapper script dialling out to
$trunk= “outbound-allroutes”

which creats .call files with “Channel” == $trunk.$outnum$
So in case I need to make teleyapper to dial to 123456789 phone #,
the .call file contains.
channel = outbound-allroutes/123456789

I have celliax.conf file with multiple mobigater devices configured which I want to use as outbound trunks to have multiple simultaneous calls.

It works if I manually specify the $trunk variable to “Celliax/line0” and "Celliax/line1"
and calls go out.

But I am trying to specify all the devices in “outbound-allroutes”

How do I do that in FreePBX without directly hacking/modifying the conf files?

ANy help would be appreciated.