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Can Free PBX be used as a calling endpoint for an international company? To Clarify I want a number per country listed on the website, if EG the number for USA is called, it takes the caller to a US mailbox. Same for Germany etc. Do I need multiple numbers registered in each country to do this? The individuals in each country will also be able to phone locally using the number. Can I do this one server with multiple numbers, or do I need multiple servers and multiple numbers?

FreePBX works very well for multiple countries and languages. Each Inbound Route specifies the indication tones and language to be used.

There are many trunking providers that offer numbers in most developed countries. For example, see

There are also specialty trunking providers that offer much more extensive coverage, but generally have higher monthly and per-minute costs. For example, see

For some countries, you may need to find a local provider.

There is no problem having trunks from several providers, though of course you will need to separately manage the accounts and billing.

Also, note that many countries have regulations requiring a local physical presence to get a geographic number. In most of these, you can get a ‘national’ or toll-free number without such a presence.
shows the languages ‘built-in’ to FreePBX. There are also community-contributed sound files for several languages, and companies that specialize in producing multi-lingual prompts, e.g.

For an uncommon language, you may have to record your own prompts.

If all else fails, you can get a UIFN (Universal International Freephone Number), but these are very expensive.

One potential problem with a single server is latency, as the audio packets usually must be relayed through the server. You may be able to find a compromise location for the server that is acceptable. You can easily set up a server with a major cloud provider and test with the server in various locations.

If you decide that you need multiple servers, it is not difficult to configure FreePBX to link them together.

Thank you very much. This is very helpfull.

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