Multiple "contacts" via PJ_SIP

Finally converting all my CHAN_SIP to PJSIP connections and the process although tedious is moving along well. I ran into a new problem. With the use of PJSIP I am also setting up multiple phones with the same extension numbers. Before you start complaining and asking why I want the same extension number let me explain. With many of the employees at some of my clients working virtual a few days a week it was getting complicated and confusing to have different extensions at home and office. I had ring groups and FindMeFollowMe, etc… that had its issues with different numbers, different VM boxes and notifications, etc… so lets just start off with don’t tell me what’s wrong with using the same extension and lets work on the solution to my current problem.

Everything is working well except for one thing, if a user hits DND at home and then goes to the office there is no indication on the office phone that its in DND mode. Setting DND on one phone places the EXTENSION into DND affecting all phones but only displays DND on the phone that pressed the button. I am using Grandstream GXP2170 phones on FreePBX (yes this PBX is slated to be upgraded to freepbx 15 soon, but it is on the latest freepbx 14 patches). I suspect the issue is in the phone and not the PBX but I dont know how to have the phone indicate it is in DND mode when the PBX says it is.

The easy fix for now is that the employee just presses DND 2 times when they get into the office and it turns DND off on the PBX but I believe the home phone will still say DND

Maybe set on both phones blf key with dnd toggle hint.

Multiple contacts is perfectly legit config, it’s the old chan_sip way if doing things that’s the hack.

How specifically are you setting DND? If you use a BLF then you can program the same BLF on all of the users devices and the led will always reflect the current state of the DND setting. Same us true for fmfm and CF. If you’re using a phone feature, then I would not expect the DND setting to have any effect on the other contacts.

I am using the DND button on the GXP2170 (either by pressing “mute” while on hook or features->account->dnd, either way it does *78 (enable) or *79 (disable). I guess the issue is that the other phone (same extension) doesnt show the DND mode if that phone didnt set the option?

If either phone does DND the extension is listed on the PBX as in DND state, not sure why the second phone doesnt show the state as well?

I will test setting a BLF for DND but it seems like a waste of a button when the phone already has a DND button that does *78 and shows the status?

You are running in to a phone issue. The phone is not subscribed to any kind of notifier for DND status.

When you press DND, the phone is properly sending the feature code, and only locally showing DND. This is because sending the feature code is a speed dial, not a subscription.

With Yealink phones, I have tinkered with an ActionURL script that send back the keypress with a SIP Notify. I’ll look for this sample script in a bit.

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Thanks, that makes sense. I understand but I am confused as to why the phone doesn’t understand that its DND status is managed on the PBX. If I had setup a BLF for this wouldn’t it be registering for the status? As a rule, for DND why doesn’t the phone do the same thing? Clearly the PBX knows the extension is DND so the phone should be getting the status just like a BLF. If they are going to support the feature on a button they should do it all the way.

DND can be done locally at the device level or globally at the PBX level.

Why the vendors do not have a built in function to handle it is up to the vendor.

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