Multiple Companies on one server

Is it possible to have multiple companies separated on freepbx, but all companies sharing the same polycom set of phones?

For example, I would define one trunk with lines for one company, and assign that company extensions 2xxx range. Another company on the system would have its own trunk, and with extensions in the 3xxx. On the polycom phones, someone would say have two lines defined 2001, and 3001. When they press 2001, it would dial out of the trunk for the first company. When they press the 3001 line it would dial out of the trunk for the second company.

This way they can really control which company they are receiving and making calls from. Each company would also have it’s own IVR, Queues,etc…

Or if anyone has any recommendations for how to setup freepbx for an office that makes and receives calls for 3 affiliated companies. I could pay for your consultation time. Basically looking for a recommended way to do this.


Custom context module will allow you to do most of this.

Thanks, but what wouldn’t the custom context module allow me to do? Also, I do not see the custom contexts module in the “Module Administration”. Can you point out where it is?

You don’t need custom contexts for that (it’s in the contributed modules repo).

You can use the CID priority option in the outbound route with the appropriate mask to select the right trunk based on the Extension # range.

That’s what the CID priority route is for.

Hi SkykingOH. Great news that is it supported. Maybe I could talk to you directly/hire you for help? My client has some strange requirements with multiple companies, so I just want to make sure that everything they want is supported with FreePBX.

I sent you a PM with info…Thanks

I’ve used custom contexts in several of my offices and I’m afraid to upgrade them to the latest version because I saw that it wouldn’t be supported - did that change? If so I hope that some of the odder quirks have been fixed when transfering calls between contexts.
Is Custom Contexts still compatible with the latest versions of FreePBX?

If it isn’t another method of doing multiple tenants on the same machine is to use something like Proxmox (debian based) and have each tenant in a different slice with Asterisk/dahdi/etc compiled on the host instance so it can dole out resources to the clients via iax trunks. On these openvz slices they’re really running on the same kernel as the host so they’re more of an elegant chrooted environment than virtualization (pretty cool though). The benefit of having them separate is that they’re truly separate and can even have the same extension numbers/etc.