Multiple CID prefixes

I found a 5 year old post about this but really no resolution.

Is it possible to have multiple CID prefixes retained?

My reasoning: we just added a 2nd main number to track advertising conversions. I’d like a prefix for calls coming in through that number to show up. We’re small enough that I’m leaving it to my team to report good/bad conversions to me.

Sure. Just set up a new Inbound Route with DID Number set to your new number and CID name prefix set as desired.

I tried that, and put the prefix in there, but it’s not passing it through.

My test calls go like this:
New number>IVR>Queue
It’s just showing the queue’s prefix

Check the call event logging under reports and look for the ‘Dialed’ tab. Add this as the DID to ensure that the DID is working. If not, check the incoming register settings for your trunk. Some trunks require "Username:[email protected]/Username". The bold is normally where people go wrong and this stops the DID from working on the PBX.

By default FreePBX will only show the last CID Prefix. You can change this behavior in the advanced setting module.


Hey Tony,

How do I get that snazzy ClearlyIP logo at the top of my FreePBX? :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch, Tony!

You upload a new image in FreePBX. Lol. Nothing fancy.

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