Multiple calls from a single IP extension


Is it possible for a single IP extension to make multiple calls (7+ calls) to a single destination (same phone number) at the same time of the day with the same duration?



The answer is “kind of” - just not the way your question implies you want it to work.

It sounds like you want an outbound conference. If that’s the case, you should explore Call Files or ARI interfaces.

I don’t know if that system was kinda “hacked” because from the generated CDR, it shows multiple calls to a single destination number from the same IP extension @ the same time of the day. How could have this happened?

In case it was really “hacked”, could someone suggest a way of defeating this from happening again in the future.

If you can show us the CDR, we can probably explain it.

On the hacking front, make sure “anonymous” calling is turned off and make sure the other “Guest” settings are turned off.

If you are using FreePBX 13, turn on and configure the integrated firewall. If you have phones that are “external” to your network, you can implement the adaptive firewall.

Hi cynjut,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Attached is the sample CDR:

Calls were made on the same time of the day from a single Extension to a single Destination. I don’t know how did this happen.



That looks more like a call to a ring-group than it does a call to a single extension. If this is a ring-group call, this is perfectly normal.

Lets assume it was a ring call group (destination), should the caller be billed by the number of participants in that ring group or just once?

Billed once only right?

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Do you have something numbered 50005? That’s what called. and yes, it does look like a Ring Group. If you bill all calls, or just the ones that answered is up to you, but I’d do that ones that answered. It could also be a page/intercom

Normal Industry Practice is to only bill for calls that were answered. Someone calling you number and never connecting wouldn’t normally be billed in any situation.