Multiple Caller Announcements?

Hi, does anyone know if additional recordings can be played to a caller whilst they are in a queue? We already have the caller position announcement set up nicely but we would like additional recordings to be played for those on hold for x-amount of time. An ‘example’:

  • caller dials in and is joined to the queue (because all lines for that queue are in use)
  • position in queue is announced (which we already have working)
  • after 30 seconds/1 minute a recording is played (something along the lines of, “did you know you can go to our website for more info at www…”)
  • then rejoins/continues in the queue until call answered (or until 30 secs/1 mins comes around again which the recording will play again).

Basically we dont want ‘just’ their position in the queue to be stated every x-amount of seconds, we’d like to give them other recorded info while they wait.

Thank you all very much in advance!

Are you talking about Music On Hold?

Hi Itzik

Thank you but no. I think I may have just figured it out though (or one way that works for us) and that is to record an IVR breakout announcement under the Periodic Announcement section and then set that to our desired x-amount of time.

I first set up an IVR message under Admin > System Recordings

Then under Applications > Queues >, select the Edit icon next to the Queue Number you want and then select the Caller Announcement tab. Then just point the IVR Break Out Menu drop down list to the recording you just created in System Recordings.

There maybe another ‘official’ way to do it but this seems to work for us. Now when anyone is in a queue listening to the system music, they will receive the message we record every minute which gives them details about our website. Hope that make sense! Thanks for replying!