Multiple Call Log Entries on Inbound Calls

I’m seeing about six entries for each inbound call on the call log. Not the end of the world but a bit messy. Is there something I have misconfigured?

Six phones in your ring group?

Yup. Just found this. So any answer for this? Can I get one log entry for the ring group?

Yup - it’s the way call logging works in the CDR now - it’s not based on the incoming call, but the interaction with the instruments.

The developers had to pick, and the “per extension” choice makes better sense in the long run. Yeah, it’s kind of a pain when you are using ring-groups, but the alternative is to lose a lot of other good information.

If you use the CEL Reporting module you’ll find it makes a lot more sense.

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I will try the Call Event Logging module. Others have suggested that too.

Ah, CEL reporting is automatically installed alongside CDR. Yes, at least the events are grouped together. The extensions are still listed but it is clearer. I wonder what installations with 25 or 50 extensions do? Custom reports that extract just the calls?

Hey @kbocek

You could always write your own CDR lookup (or see my example).
That way you can extract just the info you need and display exactly how you desire.

I have wrapped this sort of thing into self updating excel books to display call rates, call flow, and near live billing records. (lots of other things too)

Perhaps not what you want.! but handy all the same.

Not trying to say “my stuff” is any good, far from it, but it simply shows what is possible with some examples you can work on and expand upon for your own needs.