Multiple agents in multiple queue but "pausequeuehint" has only for the first by number extension

Hello everyone!

I have one issue with the “pausequeuehint”.
I’m using FreePBX Framework and Queues
I have several agent like 1740,1741,1742 and several queues like 1001,1002,1003. (if it important I have 15 queues and 20 agents)
When I’m adding 1742 agent to queue 1001,1002,1003. I see

/AMPUSER/1742/pausequeuehint : Queue:1001_pause_Local/[email protected]/n&Queue:1002_pause_Local/[email protected]/n&Queue:1003_pause_Local/[email protected]/n

BUT when I’m adding 1740 as a second agent to all this queues I see “pausequeuehint” only for 1740 and I can’t see “pausequeuehint” for 1742 at all

/AMPUSER/1740/pausequeuehint : Queue:1001_pause_Local/[email protected]/n&Queue:1002_pause_Local/[email protected]/n&Queue:1003_pause_Local/[email protected]/n

As result if I have 1310 agent and I add it to queue I would see only “pausequeuehint” for this agent
And at the last when I want to use BLF for agents I can see state only for the first(by number) extension in queue.
Can somebody help, please?