Multiple Accounts on Zulu Mobile

I couldn’t find anywhere that this has been mentioned (at least not where I’m capable of finding it with my brainpower left this week).

I’m running a PBXact appliance with Zulu 3 (everything updated as of right now). Zulu app on my iphone (latest version as well). Everything seems to be working as it should.

Is there a way to add a second account onto my mobile app though? I don’t see anything in the settings, but in the dialer it has a dropdown menu at the top that says “Make Calls Using: xyz” so it looks as if multiple accounts was at least intended if not implemented?

Possibly a silly question and shouldn’t be necessary. My setup is probably a bit more cumbersome than necessary, but with the best setup I’ve worked out so far it will be very useful to have a second account on the mobile occasionally.


Sorry that I don’t know the answer to your question.

However, if you want two accounts for incoming, e.g. so you know whether the call is for Sales or for Support, you could use a caller ID name prefix.

If you want two accounts for outgoing (to send an alternate caller ID), you could set up an Outbound Route with a prefix e.g. dial 0+areacode+number and have that route force the other caller ID.

Otherwise, please describe how you would use the second account.

Sorry for the delayed response. Had to be away from the computer all weekend.

Right now I’ve got a DID routed to a phone and I have zulu set up for that user. That way the phone can be used as a mobile or direct number when I’m away from my desk. I’m using Zulu because it comes with the pbxact and has more features in lieu of finding another softphone specifically for this.

However I also have a main office line with an extension customers would usually used to get to me at my desk. When I know I’m going to be away from the office for an extended period I would like to be able to sign into that zulu account as well so that I could get calls from both my regular desk line or from my “mobile” line. (In lieu of telling customers that I’m out of the office for three weeks and to call my cell, which I’d like to avoid for other customer service reasons.)

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