Multichannel ISDN

Hi! I am admin of a few FreePBX systems and I believe that I know this quite well.

Now our German branch wants me to install a system that replaces a multichannel ISDN system. They call it ISDN-Primär-Multiplex-Anschluss, it is a PRI / PMX with 30 B channels and one D channel each. (They have 2 of these, so 60 calls at the same time.)

They want to keep the existing connections to the telecom provider in place for now, so I need the proper hardware card.

Does anybody know how the extensions are best handled?

Their number is for example

10203-0 for the reception
10203-xxx for the extensions (can be called through from outside)

I would be happy for ANY kind of answer!



you can route the incoming calls based on the DID(102030 and 102030XXX).
if match the 102030, then forward to your reception; otherwise, forward to extensions.

Thanks. Is there a way to make a general rule so I do not have to define every extension?

there is a context for that called [from-did-direct]