Multicast Paging

I am new here and I have an issue with Multicast paging. I can set it up as a BLF button on phones and because its going straight to the source, it works. However, I cant use anything like:
exten => 8997,1,Dial(MulticastRTP/basic/

to make it work. Just gives me dead air, and no beep. On version 13. Any help would be great.

Have you looked over the manual?

Yes. and the part that stands out to me is the " In order for your phone to be able to page a multicast page group, it needs a button that will start the page to the IP address and port that you define. You can set up a multicast page button for your phone by modifying your button layout" section. Yet I have seen numerous people make it sound like they were able to setup a new page without making a BLF button. Specifclly by that exten = > whatever,1,Dial … code in the custom extension config part.


Why Dial () and not Page() ?
So if you are not using “q” options, I suggest check your end point settings!

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