Multicast paging

I’m hearing ringing on the handset when I activate a multicast page. Any idea on how to stop this? Would love to have silence.
I’m have Sangoma s500 and s705 phones. The template is set to listen for
my phone is a s705 with a button programmed as a Multicast Page, that is sending
the Page is working. phones are answering and they can hear me.
But when I’m actively paging my phone has ringing in the handset. I know to start talking so hold the phone away from my ear so it’s not as distracting.

I can provide logs if anyone needs them. just ask.
thanks again.

I don’t have experience with Multicast…

Some possibilities:

  • Something wrong configured on Multicast server
  • Is that phone part of the multicast group? try removing it.
  • I have no clue what is causing the ringtone to be heard/played, so I don’t know what logs you should take a look at, but you can sure try to monitor Asterisk…
  • Could also be, it’s a bug on the Sangoma phone.

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