Multicast Paging in Page-Pro

I am trying to get Multicast paging working from Page-Pro. The system has three network connections, one for the internet, one for the local network and one for the voice network. All phones are on the Voice network and the PBXact system is the DHCP server and gateway. Phones work fine. I setup a multicast address of and set the phones to also to listen to that address. I added a page group to broadcast on that address. When I access the page group I see the asterisk channel open and it looks like its working but its not. I did a tshark of the eth2 (voice network), no multicast packets. I also looked at eth0 (Internet) and eth1 (Data network), none of them are sending multicast packets. How do I get it to send the Multicast packets and send them over eth2 only? Do I need to restart the system? Thanks!

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