Multi-trunk configuration

I’m using FreePBX with one trunk right now. It’s a semi-busy office and so the end-goal is to have 5 trunks. I’m curious about how to properly configure the system to handle traffic across all the trunks.
Do they all get added to one route? Does a route get created for each trunk and they are all added to a pool?

Trunks populate outbound routes. Configure your trunks, then setup your outbound routes.

So what would be a good recommended layout for a 5 trunk system? 2 routes - one with primaries and one with secondaries?

How many providers do you have? Should certain calls be made over a specific trunk due to cost savings?


Just one provider, using the SIPstation module through FreePBX itself. It’s all local or internal-US long distance and 800 numbers.

Setup each trunk and in your outbound routes, place each trunk one below the next under the “Trunk sequence for matched routes”. When one trunk is in use, and if the dial patterns match, the next trunk will be used and so on and so forth…

From what I understand in your post, one outbound route should suffice.

If you want to block certain outbound calls, you could setup another outbound route, where when you match a (blocked outbound) dial pattern - you could send it to a dummy trunk that goes nowhere. That’s how I block outbound numbers like 900/976 etc…although there are many other ways to achieve this.

I use several outbound routes as we have more than one provider, which is always a good idea. Never know when your provider’s trunks are getting flaky or going down!

By the way, there are many other providers who will supply ONE trunk with unlimited channels, eliminating the need for multiple trunks. for example, does exactly this and you pay per minute, or I use another provider who supplies me with one trunk and I pay for 7 channels, on a fixed rate /channel.