Multi Tenant (again)

I note that the Administrator model allows for multi tenant admin, which is great.

One thing I cannot find is whether extensions are clustered i.e. one Administrator group cannot call another.

the wiki page does state 'only have access to Extensions within your allowed extension range ', but I read that as the Administrator only has access to…

Does anyone know or can they clarify.

Also, assuming there is extension clustering, how can generic extensions be set up i.e. ones that are outside of the cluster, but accessible by ir (e.g. reception, engineer etc)?


not sure if this will help, but there is an Asterisk based system that does have this feature:

there is no multi-tenancy ability in 2.8 that can handle this at this level.

v3 has multi-tenancy concepts built in, but it is still a ways away from maturity though continues to move forward.


thanks for the quick response.

So the Administrator modeule is a halfway house, so individual tenants can be managed, but not physically be partitioned?


The Administrator module is really not trying to create a multi-tenancy and in a lot of respects it is a hack.

At best, it can allow certain number ranges to be edited or not by a given user, but there is a lot of inconsistency even there.

It’s mostly useful to restrict users from certain GUI pages and I would generally not try to do any more with it then that.

Noted, with thanks.