Multi site Queue

I have 2 sites set up with freepbx 2.11. I have remote devstate working using pubsub / res_jabber.

I have an intra site trunk working correctly and we have no overlap of Extensions / queues.

I have a queue at site 1 that has static agents who are registered on site 2 pbx.

This was all working fine until we enabled voicemail for certain users. Now a call coming into the queue at site 1 when directed to an agent at site 2 is being picked up by the the voicemail of the agent at site 2, if he is unavailable or busy. Can the queue be made aware of the remote agents state?

You could enable “call confirm”.

Yes that is the problem as the local box can not know that the remote box’s voicemail is picking up. Its one of the many limitations with the pubsub device state stuff

According to the docs
Device State - This lets servers in a local cluster inform each other about changes in the state of a device on that particular server. When the state of a device changes on any server, the overall state of that device across the cluster will get recalculated. So, any subscriptions to the state of a device, such as hints in the dialplan or an application like Queue() which reads device state, will then reflect the state of a device across a cluster.

This does not seem to be the case as even when a device is busy and the hint shows it as busy the queue still offers the call. Whichc hint does the queue app look at? The unavailable shouldn’t be an issue as we intend to auto pause the agent if they don’t pick up well before the call is routed to the unavailable message. However making sure a call is not offered when the hint shows them as busy is something I’d like to try and achieve.

Call confirm is an option but not my ideal solution.