Multi pbx setup

Hi everyone not sure if this the correct place for this question… here goes.

What i would like to know is this, Is it possible to have a company with 4 branch offices and one central office, each branch office has its local pbx which provides local exchange functions but which connects to the central office pbx (master pbx lets call it), so that all branch offices can call all other extensions in the separate offices as if they where on the same box and (wait for it) that all out going and incoming call lines would be configured at the central master pbx.

I hope i have explained myself well.



Yes it’s very possible.

This would be a good example on using Dundi. It can be done with inter-office trunks and dial plan, but, once set up with Dundi would be the better solution.

In a nutshell, set up Dundi on each machine. Make sure you use a different range of extension numbers in each office, otherwise, any system you set up will be challenging to get working. I have a how-to on my website on setting up Dundi at:

Let me know if you have any problems with my how-to.