Multi-line presence

Am I doing this right?

Using Digium D70’s, each phone needs to have 3 lines and we do not use call waiting.

What I have done is create 3 extensions and put two of them in a queue. I’ve set it so if the main extension is busy, put the call in the queue. The queue is set to linear and rings the other two extensions. This results in the same behavior as our legacy PBX where if line 1 is in use the call goes to line 2, etc. and the queue failover is the main extension’s voicemail busy message.

This works - however I feel like I’m over complicating it. Eventually, the main extension will need to be in a customer service queue as well.

How have others set this up? I haven’t found a good example for what I am trying to do.


Trying to shoehorn an IP PBX into acting like a legacy PBX never really works very well. If I recall the Digium phones will not let you have multiple buttons assigned to a single extension. This is one of the things I don’t like about the Digium phones (and I over all like them a lot). This might have changed with newer firmware.

Yep, I have learned that over the years but still wondering what others do. The above works perfect, I just need to figure out how to make it work with additional queues and still work perfect. Don’t think the extension thing has changed with the latest 1.4 firmware as far as I can tell.

Maybe a login to one queue is also a logout of another. That might do the trick. Or, I need to differentiate between callers: external callers get this queue and internal callers get that queue.

Just looking for ideas and again to see what others do.

Thanks for your reply Alan, I do appreciate it.

Actually, I think I was over-complicating this in my thought process. I just tested and with the Queue set to “Extension Only” I think it is already doing what I need it to do.

So, my multi-line presence works the way I want it to, and does not seem to effect the queue at all. I was just confusing myself!