Multi-level IVR?


I need to make an IVR menu like this:

Main menu | |----- 1 ----- support menu | | | |----- support queue | |----- 2 ------ sales queue

The reason why I need a support menu too, instead of just routing the call to the queue like in case of sales is, that I need a greeting message for the support queue.

I tried to make two IVR-s. From the main menu, the support menu is available by pressing 1. Support menu is an IVR too, which ends up in the queue after saying the announce message and a 1 sec. timeout.

Using “Misc Applications” module, I called directly support menu, and the call ends up in the queue.
When I call the main menu and select ‘1’, the call jumps to the relevant support menu IVR, because the announce message is played, but after the 1 second timeout it returns to the main menu instead of the support queue.

What did I miss?

An alternate solution could be if an announce message could be played when the incoming call is entering the queue. Is this possible?


make a announcement, then set it destination to the sale queue, off your mail ivr for option #2, select the destination as the announcement.

So Main IVR > 2 > Announcement > Queue