Multi-Level IVR

I have spend sometime searching the forums and Google, maybe I am just not searching for the right thing. But I can’t seem to find answers to this problem or what I am doing wrong.

I followed the nerd vittles directions for setting up a stealth IVR.

Call comes in and goes direct to IVR (thanks for calling…)as long as the caller does not enter anything it will time out and go to a ring group. If no one answers the call it goes to a second IVR (to leave a message press 1…) where the caller can leave a message for who they wanted to talk to.

Seems simple and to the point, nothing too crazy. Now here is where the issue comes in, if the call is answered or goes to voice mail the call is dropped with in 30 seconds or so. I don’t have any destinations set for hangup or anything like that.

If I change the call flow to DID -> Ring Group -> IVR (to leave message) everything is fine. Calls do not drop and everything is perfect. As soon as I add the IVR -> Ring Group -> IVR back calls will begin to drop again.

I am at a loss and in need of some help.

Thanks everyone

Record a very short (500 ms) blank recording. Set an announcement to it. Answer the channel first with this and then go on to your call chain.

Your carrier simply won’t let you send that much early media without answering the channel.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I should set it up like this?

DID -> Ring Group with Announcment (set to 1 second ring time) -> IVR1 -> Ring Group -> IVR 2?

Just to put it out there, I did do the setup as I said I would try and I am still getting the same results call drops in the 30 second time frame

Not a ring group, just an announcement, then to the rg. If that doesn’t fix it you havd a networking issue related too NAT.

Ah ok, I will try that. Would NAT be an issue if when its set for DID -> Ring Group -> No answer IVR everything works fine.

Again thanks