Multi-Context Configuration

Hello All,

I am new to FreePBX, but have been using Asterisk for several years. I have always used flat-file configuration for Asterisk and want to move to FreePBX for administration and user portal. Currently, we have several different divisions that use their own contexts for IVR, Dial-outs, and extension dialing, and division use the same 2 digit extensions.

Is there anyway to setup contexts to use specific Outbound trunks? I see I can set context on devices, but don’t see how to set routing. Also, is there a way for users to login with their context, e.g. [email protected]?


Today FreePBX is mostly oriented around one context. A future release will be dealing with the creation and management of ‘dial contexts’ and there is an unsupported module, customcontext, that you can find in the contributed_modules directory on svn that can manage different contexts. You will not get true extension number separation allowing two different ‘departments’ to use the same numbering. That enters the realm of multi-tenant which is far away.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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