Multi company phone numbers under single FreePBX server

Hi there,

I would like to setup two or three separate companies housed inside one FreePBX server. For example, I would like to have number #1 and number #2. Each number belongs to company #1 and company #2, respectively. I would like then have each trunk routed to an an I’ve then to an extension at a Sangoma’s S500 with the S500 having a distinctive ring or label in the display that makes me aware that each line belongs to said respective companies.

I know that its possible. What are the big modules/concepts that I need to be aware of and general steps/logic that have to be followed to setup please.

Many thanks in advance for all your help and suggestions to this question.

Without knowing the details of your workflow, my suggestion would be to set up three extensions on the phone, each with its own line button. Incoming calls would be routed to the appropriate extension; the flashing line button would identify the company being called. On outgoing, you’d push the desired button and the outbound route would send the appropriate caller ID. Unless you need to separate them e.g. for billing purposes, a single trunk could serve all three companies.

However, if many agents will be fielding calls, things get more complicated. Someone on a call for company #1 would appear idle for companies #2 and #3, unless call waiting is disabled. If you will be using queues, it may be best to route calls for all companies to the same extension, so the system knows which, if any, agents are available. You could add a prefix to the caller’s name to identify the company. With this scheme, you would dial a prefix before the called number to select outgoing caller ID. This may cause problems with callback from device history or contacts.

So, tell us how incoming calls should be handled, how many people will be fielding calls, whether they will all have the skills to deal with calls for all the companies, etc. Do you have a CRM system? If so, is the database organized by company?

There is only two people in this company so it is quite easier than what you think.

I would like to mirror the same configuration as we currently have. The current config is:

incoming call --> IVR --> Call extension if ext. known
–> enter conference Room

It would be best to be able to have one new number come into IVR but the greeting would be created to tailor to the new company. Then go to an extension on the Sangoma S500 as to an indicator light (different color…how?)would tell us what the call is from.

Hope this helps clarifies.

Sorry, I have not heard of this before and don’t understand. How is the conference room used? Do customers talk to each other? Or are they muted and hear prerecorded announcements? Or do you somehow get signaled and join the conference?

It’s probably easiest to set up a separate IVR for each company, mostly the same but with different greetings. Instead of enabling extension direct dialing, have a ‘virtual’ extension for each person (as a normal IVR option) that routes to a different extension on the S500, according to company.

I think I have figured out most of it. But, what do I need to do to setup the Sangoma S500 in EPM so when calls coming from Company#2 will have a distinctive flash on the lights (i.e. not green but red) in one of BLF buttons? Is there a setting in EPM to do this?

So far this is what I got. Inbound line --> set to a Time condition --> If Open (9am-5pm), send call to greeting—> For sales calls --> send call to extension 207. Ext. 207 is shared by both Company 1 and 2. This is the part that I’m missing now…do I need to setup a new extension like 208? But also how do I setup a distinctive ring and/or flash (different color) on the BLF of the S500?

Not supported. I know of no SIP phone that allows LED config at that level.

If no LED color notification, what type of other distinctive notification is available, if any?

Send Company 1 calls to 207. Set up 208 on the second line key and send Company 2 calls there.

Which light is flashing will tell you the company being called.

On outgoing, push the line button for the company desired and set up the extensions so the corresponding caller ID gets sent.

Caller ID prepend and Alert Info for different ring styles are both available options on inbound routes.


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