Multi city 7 digit dialing

Question about Freepbx 12 in multiple area codes dialing a 7 digit number.
I have a customer that has offices in multiple cities where they are able to dial 7 digit numbers. Prior to their opening the office in the second city, they commonly dialed 7 digit numbers, and it would add the area code in the outbound route. However with the added company, the 7 digit dialing can’t be prepeded because the area codes are different, resulting in not knowing which area code to add in the outbound route.
Is there a way to have certain extensions dial out on one outbound route dial plan and other dial out on another dial plan outbound route?


Yes! You need the FREE call routing module.

Like you said, you’ll have to setup multiple outbound routes, then authorize only certain extensions to use each route and so on.

Good luck, hope you’re charging $100/hr its gonna be a tedious pain.

Standard Outbound Routing should be all that is needed.

Just match on CallerID in the outbund route.

If the locations have separate extension ranges, it’s a 5 minute setup. If the extensions are all intermingled, then it might be a little more tedious.

The module might make sense if there isn’t any pattern, but is in no way required. I avoid commercial modules, even free ones, unless they are absolutely needed or have significant time savings.


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