Msg Light on two phones

We have two FreePBX servers (both FreePBX Asterisk one at the home office and the other at a remote location linked by IAX trunk. Since our users travel from one location to the other their ext is the same at both locations. For now follow-me is set to ring both phones and that works fine. However if someone calls their home office phone and they do not answer, the voice message is left at the home office and the phone there msg light comes on. Same is true for the remote locaton that if someone calls there and leaves a vm it lights but not the home office. I want to centeralize the vm to the home office and need both locations to indicate a message waiting. Anyone out there that has a “Tip or Trick” on how I can accomplish this? If this has been answered before, a link please.

Thank You

I’ve just done a similar thing for 3 sip cordless phones so hopefully this is appropriate for your needs.

I have 3 phones; extensions 301, 302 and 303 all of which share and show status of the same mailbox.

In the extension settings in piaf I changed the following for each of the 3 extensions;

mailbox: 301@default
vmexten: 301

From 301 you can dial *97 to get to the voicemail
On 302 and 303 dial *98301

If you have a ‘messages’ blf key on the phones, use *98301 and its target and it’ll show the status of the voicemail.

Obviously you’ll need to edit the extension numbers and *98xxx to your needs.

Hope that helps…


Just noticed you’re using 2 servers! In which case what I just wrote probably won’t help… sorry about that…

Thanks Andy, and you are correct for two servers it is a little more challanging. I guess all others don’t have a clue. I did a little more research on other sites and found some ideas to try.

My 1st question would be, why two servers? Why not one? What is it you’re doing that requires two to call the same phones? We have the same setup, but using one server with VPN’s serving users at home as well as in the main offices. Sounds like a lot of headache to me - unless there’s some specific reason for having 2 servers serving the same users.

120 + phones are on the 2nd server at that location. These locations are temporary and in place for 1 month and move every 4 months. VPN is established but sometimes service will fail (especially in Florida). Since our company’s earnings are made at these locations, DEPENDABLE, internal communications is a must even if the VPN goes down. We even have a temporary PRI and a few POTS lines installed alonge with the IAX trunk back to the home office and a SIP Trunk.

This looks like it does what you want:

Good you are using IAX.

Indeed it does. Thank you for the link. We have 5 Asterisk boxes linked with IAX and 2 SIP trunk providers.