MPG123 API latest release 1,22,4 Install "How to DO"?

On my FreePBX Version 13 install, Version 13.0.7 of MOH does not play. Installed Version of MPG123 is 1.13.6.
After many attempts to identify the issue, I have established that everything now works for wave files and source maintenance through the FreePBX Administration web server pages. Multiple issues resolved in the last few days thanks to the support team and prompt action.
I can play *.wav files, I can delete and install other files or http:// pointers. The changes to the musiconhold_additional.conf file create immediate changes in the Wireshark packet display. Wave files display packets going to the extensions. As soon as an http:// source request is made dead silence and no packets moving occurs. I am confident something is not connected in the process from the request to MPG123 to stream an http:// source to an extension on hold.
Many changes have been implemented bring MPG123 to Version 1.22.4.
I want to install Version 1.22.4 of MPG123 to check out the latest release and see if the issue has been solved.
How is the install of the new Version 1.22.4 of MPG123 done on a standalone server FreePBX system?
Step by step instructions are what I need to do the job.
Many thanks to anyone who is willing to share the knowledge and some time to document the process.