mpg123 and streaming

Hi All,

On FreePBX 2.5 I followed the instructions here:

But Asterisk won’t start again, i.e. just crashes. Can anyone confirm if they can get the above working?

I’ve tested the command on the command line and it streams.


If asterisk is crashing look at the end of the full log and see why it is crashing.

While those directions seem nice and streight forward they don’t say which version of of Elastix it was documented for. Even worse you don’t say if you are using Elastix and which version that is.

OK, thanks. It’s PBXinAFlash on FreePBX 2.5

Ok so the plot thickens. What version of PIAF and version of asterisk did you select? Answers are in the details most of the time, so only giving out bits and pieces at a time will make us continue to ask bits and pieces questions…

At this moment for all we know, the Directions are for Asterisk 1.4 and you picked to use 1.6, which of course will not work.

Sorry. Asterisk on piaf 1.3 32bit.

The streaming is working now as I never had -s for stdout, but it’s starting and stopping showing the following in the logs:

channel.c: Internal timing is disabled (option_internal_timing=0 chan->timingfd=-1)