MP4V-ES video


I’m using the freepbx distro available from this website (downloaded and installed 20/10/2012)


I can get all extensions to commmunicate with each other over the network (voice). Thats softphones, android/iphone sip apps, intercom panel.

I have enabled video in the sip settings tab on freepbx, and set video support to h264.

The intecom panel we are using has the following video codec:

MP4V-ES (BR from 512Kbps to 8192 Kbps)

i just cant seem to get the video to pass through to the softphone apps.

(is h264 different to MP4V-ES, can i enable MP4V-ES?)

The intercom panel that has been developed can work in 2 ways, it can directly connect to the IP of a softphone or go via a SIP server. The softphone has also been developed in this way.

When the video intercom panel directly calls the softphone without the sip server the video is present.

When i add both the intercom panel and softphone as extensions via the sip server, the video fails to work.

If you could please advise where i’m going wrong.

Best Regards


There was support for MP4V-ES pass through added to Asterisk back around version 1.6 days, but you may find that it’s not enabled by default. The patch that added support is here:

As per that information, if the version you have has it built in (should do), then you also need to make sure that “mpeg4” is set either as a default allow codec, or on a per-peer/per extension basis. I don’t think this is the case on default FreePBX installs, but could be wrong. Try adding “allow=mpeg4” to sip_general_custom.conf, or in the “allow” section for each extension that you want to have it work for.