MP3 Playback Issue in CDR Reports After Update - FreePBX

I am using latest freepbx distro and asterisk 18.
I’m experiencing an issue with MP3 playback in the Call Detail Records (CDR) GUI on FreePBX.
While WAV files play without issue, attempting to play MP3 recordings results in a {“status”:false} response in the browser console. The conversion from WAV to MP3 is handled by a custom script, and the filenames appear to be updated correctly in the asteriskcdrdb database. Permissions are set correctly, and the MP3 files play fine when accessed directly.
MP3 files were playing fine up until a month ago.This issue seemed to have started after a recent update.
Here’s the successful response for WAV files:

“status”: true,
“files”: {
“oga”: “ajax.php?module=cdr&command=playback&file==external-500-6946100000-20231104-132154-1699096914_322-17e7db9044f46bd7b62b3c001dea826e.ogg”
And here’s the failed response for MP3 files:


Has anyone experienced similar issues, particularly after updates? Any insights on what might be going wrong or how to troubleshoot this would be very helpful.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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