mp3 file on answering machine

Hello all,

I would like, instead of using my phone to record a message for an extension’s answering machine, directly record an mp3 file (like I may do it for system recordings). Is there any way to do this ?

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See if this Helps:


Hello Bill !

Thanks a lot for your help - that’s what I needed !

Perhaps you could give me an additional hint : I need to transform a mp3 file into the requested wav formats (there are two in the mentionned folders, I suppose that one is gsm). Do you know any software that translates the mp3 file into the requested wav formats ? I use Audacity, but I suppose that I do not use the correct wav format, because it does not work …

Thanks a lot for any additional help !


Google audacity. It’s a recording/editing program that can import/export multiple formats. By the way. I think the one you have to upload is the .wav not the .WAV. I think the audio format is 16 Bits, at 8000Hz:.


An MP3 has been stripped down it would be better to record to wave or use wav file to convert down

For recording or saving a wav file out in the correct format

The sound record in windows does a fine job, when you saves as, you will see a Format change button by hte file name box use it and select

8.0000 kHz. 16 bit Mono 15 kb sec

thank you bubba, finally I got it.
This quality (8.0000 kHz. 16 bit Mono 15 kb sec) is really rather bad. I suppose that there is nothing to do in order to make it better …

Thanks for your help !