Moving VPS to local machine


I currently have a VPS through and was wanting to house it locally instead. Is there a method that I can use to setup my local box and get it all configured before switching all my licenses from the VPS?

I know I can do the backup and restore easily but what about the licenses for the paid modules? Can I move the deployment and have both running until I make the switch or will the move disable the VPS?

Any help would be appreciated.

i think the process is to boot your local machine with the distro that is on the same track as your vps. then apply updates to get it to the same level as your vps. then restore from the backup of your vps and down the trunks, then reset the zenid of the vps and activate the local system using the same deployment id. this will activate your paid modules on the local machine and deactivate them on the vps. you vps based machine should continue to work and process calls. once you are ready with your local system, up the trunks. the only issue is how to get the phones themselves to find your new server. but i am sure that is an exercise you can handle on your own


Getting the phones to switch is the easy part, just changing the tftp parameter in DHCP. I have the backup and everything is moved over, it’s just Endpoint Manager doesn’t show anything on the new machine as it’s missing the license, I didn’t want to do the zend reset until I was clear on the next steps.

Thanks again!

well the epm will not show up until you do the zen reset. if it is only the epm, then doing the zen reset will not affect your vps except that you will not be able to use the epm on it any more. the phones will still register, all calls will process normally. do the reset and finish up the local machine.