Moving vanilla extensions.conf to FreePBX


I have things like requiring tT on Queues(), AgentLogin(), transfer shortcodes within contexts (xfer 8 xfer transfers to another DID/queue), sippeers being locked into a context, etc. All this is implemented on a vanilla asterisk server with no GUI.

Is there any way I can ‘move’ it into FreePBX without having to set it all up and go through a lot of settings?
(For example, can’t find AgentLogin, how to create retrydial transfer shortcodes, etc)

Simple answer is no. And some of the stuff you mention is not ‘stock’ FreePBX , so you would have to add it in extensions_custom.conf.

If i was You, I would set up an FreePBX on the side and play around until I got all the stuff working the way You want. It will take some time to understand the dialplan and the *_custom.conf stuff.

Appreciate the response. I will do so, thank you.