Moving to vlan - now firewall rules corrupted - will not function

i updated asterisk from 16->17 - couldn’t shut asterisk down msg - rebooted - all seemed OK
wanted to move all my voip stuff to a vlan
i have freepbx15 running in a VM on my server - running OK for 2 yrs
moved freepbx to my vlan - changed ip with sudo dhclient
could not connect - rebooted - got firewall rules corrupted
i can get into the GUI, but not much there - nothing under System, msg that can’t connect to asterisk
removed vlan, set ip back to my lan - rebooted
rules still corrupted - no change in GUI
disabled firewall - rebooted - no change

can i fix this??

maybe didn’t wait long enough after last reboot
just checked GUI and now i have System info - firewall is disabled as expected
seems to be running - asterisk took quite a while to start

is there a better way to change subnets when i move it to a vlan?

started firewall from CLI - started OK - seems to be running - no errors???

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