Moving to new host

I attempted to move our FreePBX to a new server and all seemed to work except for outbound calls from the desk phones.

So I made sure both servers were same versions and I did a backup on the old server and a restore on the new server.

Everything moved over just fine. I changed our DNS on our side to point hostname to the new public IP.

Inbound calls work just fine. Outbound calls work if I test from a softphone. BUT! The desk phones are not working. They register just fine and inbound flows to the phone but when you try to dial out to either internal or external, nothing happens. If you keep trying over and over, you will get maybe on call out to *98 but then the rest of the time you get “No destination” on the grandstream phone.

Provisioner also works just fine, only outbound.

Am I missing a setting somewhere or a config file that needs to be updated with the new IP or etc?

Can you post a call log of a failed call? Separate internal and external log.

I had a friend figure out what was going on… MTU needed to be 9000 since the new DC is all 10GB. Once MTU was upped, all started working.

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