Moving to Github

I was wondering if the development team of FreePBX is considering / have considered / would consider a move of the FreePBX project to Github?

This should make the project a little easier to manage, and in particular, make it easier for developers to contribute patches. Having the project at Github will allow FreePBX to benefit from the fact many open source developers are already familiar with it, and allow us to take advantage of the simpler pull request process.

I think the project could really benefit from this move. I could think of a dozen small fixes I would like to contribute to the community!

I know I could contribute them by creating tickets in trac, but hey… make it easier :slight_smile:

Yes we are planning to move the source code to github and from trac to Atlassian JIRA for issue management. We don’t have a time frame for these changes at the moment, but will keep everyone updated as we get closer to the move.