Moving to FreePbx from Elastix

Hi guys,
as the title says i’m moving from elastix to freepbx.
I have a few questions which i’m hoping you guys could answer.
Does FreePbx have an agent console so when they login they just take calls?
Are you able to listen into calls like a manager?

if anyone else has switched from elastix to freepbx would be nice to hear any problems you may have ran into.

Kind Regards

When you say [quote=“r0sc0, post:1, topic:24919”]agent console[/quote] are you referring to logging into a queue to take calls or an operator panel like FOP2 or iSymphony?

Logging into a queue system where the agents just get given call after call where they can
take a break. iv had a quick look into iSymphony.

basically the task needed is this.
Agent logs into queue they take calls, which will dial when agents are available.
Thanks for your quick reply alan

FreePBX has call queues. The queues can have dynamic agents that have to log in and out or you can assign static agents that are always logged in.

I had a quick look at the Gui looks relatively easy to work.
hopefully can get it setup quickly .

Again thank you for your time Alan

Hi alan,
I missed a question, with the agent console does it populate information from the database?
i.e First,Second,Address etc.

I am not sure what you are referring to with “i.e First,Second,Address etc.” The agent sits down by a phone, loges into the queue from the phone by typing in the login code on the phone. For example you might have a support queue and a sales queue and a billing queue, The agent would log into one or more of the queues and get calls from the queue,

Alan, I think he is looking for a “Predictive Dialer”, if so then @r0sc0 that is not part of FreePBX core, but there are third party solutions out there, some free, but the ones that work ask for money :slight_smile:

Ah I see, basically the solution i was looking for was this.
agents login to queue which is dialling out. when the call is made it picks up all information from the csv phonenumber, address etc. I think I will go back to elastix just to get this job done. really like the look of freepbx but no time to really spend configuring.

Thanks everyone for your help.