Moving to a temp server while existing being rebuilt (licensing)

If you can’t self serve to move your deployment ID, then open a ticket of type customer service and billing.


I cannot unlock any of the commercial modules in the PBXs hosted by FreePBXhosting.
I have a few deployments and have tried with each. No joy!

We had added several commercial modules to one instance and cannot move them to a different deployment.

Further to this we purchased the modules more than one year ago and therefore are not able to avail ourselves of any help from Sangoma. They set a one year limit for dealing with commercial modules after purchase.

No idea what this means other than perhaps this is an issue for FreePBX hosting.

You cannot move individual module licenses between deployments. Module licenses stay permanently with the deployment they are purchased for. You can move a deployment ID to another install as noted in the wiki page above.

Support for modules is available indefinitely provided you renew the module licenses. See this wiki page.

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