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I am running a stable freepbx15. It has been stable, but I need to move it to a new office network. My existing network is 10.0.0.x and the new network is 192.168.123.x. It is set as a static IP address in freepbx. What should I do to make this an easy transition? Is there a way to do this via clI after it has been moved? Im concerned I won’t be able to make the GUI work in the new location.

Thank you in advance

After you moved, give your computer an additional IP on the 10.0.0.x network, you should be able to access the PBX then and change to the 192.168.123.x network

I can’t move back to 10.0.0.x network. New network is another administrator and that part will not be changed. So I need to change the freepbx system to operate on the 192 network. Luckily I am using DDNS for remote phones

Sorry, I got confused. See my edit.

I guess I dont understand. I moved. Now my old system was set for an ip of 10.0.0.y now its plugged into a network that is 192.168.123.x. i cant access the machine by typing the IP address it’s on as it’s time out? I dont know if firewall or fail2ban or something is stopping me. i get time out errors trying to connect to the IP

What operating system is “your computer” running?

Assuming windoze

Was able to fix the issue by accessing the ifcfg-eth0 script back to dhcp. Then I was able to access the gui

When you are again ‘stable’, I suggest that server’s should NEVER rely on DHCP to define their network presense, depending on the DHCP server, you might get a big surprise down-line.

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… but documenting your server IP address as a reserved address in DHCP is not a bad idea. Yes, set it to static, but document it in DHCP just in case.

Best of all, set it static outside your DHCP server’s ‘address range’ no more possibility of fighting between the static and the dynamic hosts (BTDT)


I agree I always use a static for my server IP. Thanks for the replies

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