"Moving" Queue Announcement

I’ve setup a queue in my system, and have turned on the announcement. This works fine, however, I also have Join Empty set to strict (to stop people getting into the queue) and they then get redirected to the voicemail or whatever.

My issue is that the queue announcement always plays, when I only want it to play when not empty.

Can I modify anything to make this happen?


Thanks Philippe,

Where would I log a feature request?

I don’t really need “perfect”, as my wait time on the queue is only 30-40s, so it’s not the end of the world if someone gets redirected incorrectly.



as it stands right now no that is not an option.

You may want to file a feature request to have us look for a way that this could be done, or at least something similar.

There are functions available in later versions of Queues such as QUEUE_MEMBER_COUNT() and QUEUE_WAITING_COUNT() that we could possibly use to come close to achieving this. Getting it perfect depending on the JoinEmpty settings would probably be tough since I don’t think there is a direct translation to all the rules involved in the JoinEmpty parameters that can be set.

Maybe QUEUE_MEMBER(queue_num, ready) might get the closest to something like you are trying to do.

So … please do file a ticket as it’s a good idea and worth looking into.