Moving phones from office to home

Covid-19 is requiring employees to work from home. I am tasked with getting our working office LAN IP phones (Sangoma S305) from employees desks to their home networks. Our FreePBX server VM is parked on our WAN with a static routable IP ( Office phones are set as DHCP clients that get IP reservations handed to them from a Microsoft DHCP server when connected on the LAN ( Their phone configs point to and connect through our PFsense router VM to ( Connectivity > Firewall > Interfaces > eth0 default zone is Internet with to encompass the FreePBX and PFsense IPs.

In my testing I have connected a office phone to an external network that provided it with a IP. It gets dialtone and looks like it is working, but when I dial out to my cell phone I am greeted with silence. Connectivity > Firewall > Networks I set to Trusted and saved. I rebooted here for good measure: Admin > System Admin > Power Options > Reboot. My test phone behavior did not change, I could not get an outbound connection.

What logs or configs should I look at to troubleshoot this problem?

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I am also reporting that Admin > System Admin > PnP configuration is enabled and automatically configured for these Sangoma phones, in case that is a concern.

The fastest way to get that done would be by getting a ticket through your commercial support contract for the phones and have one of the Sangoma people walk you through setting up EPM to handle this for you. I’m sure them spending 10 minutes with you will be a lot more efficient than us trying to guess all of the parameters.

If you look back through the Forum, you see that there have been several threads on setting up EPM to connect remote phones via VPN. Look for information specifically from Lorne (@lgaetz) since he’s the most thorough about explaining what needs to be done.

The short answer is “reconfigure EPM to handle this for you” but I don’t know any more than that.

Thank you for your response. However, it is different than most threads in this forum that are very helpful and go the distance to track down the source of problems. They leave a happy trail of knowledge behind for others to make use of in the future.

I can only imagine that this is a very timely topic for many small and medium sized businesses that use FreePBX. They don’t have support and really could use some help understanding how to do this.

Having said that, After sleeping on this problem I realized that the issue may be that my test phone was issued a by a downstream DHCP server that I don’t have access to, and that it is not a routable IP!

I’m going to drop a laptop with a DHCP client onto the same network, hopefully get a similar address ( and then open up a browser tab and google “whats my ip” to get the routable IP. That is the IP to allow through the FreePBX firewall.

I will check back here with my results.

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If you are using VPN to connect the phone to the server (which is the “best practice” answer with external Sangoma phones) the problem would be a router not passing VPN traffic.

An ‘sngrep’ of the phone’s connection to your server should give you the answers. A SIP DEBUG command could also help you figure out the issue.

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