Moving on from Trixbox


I was wondering what the general feeling was about the decisions Finality have made re FreePBX?

Has anyone thought of making a move down the path to a combination asterisk/SIPx machine with FreePBX as the GUI? I like the idea of combining a B2BUA like asterisk and a Proxy together.

Any thoughts?




You’ll find how many people feal by reading the posting on this site along with those of You can’t miss them if you search a bit. It’s not worth attempting to repeat everything all over again.

As for other distros there are MANY other choices. elastix, PBX in a Flash just to name the first two that come to mind.

My personal fealing is that the more you load onto a single box the more you are asking for trouble going down the road. Securing asterisk, and a phone system is one thing, securing a proxy, firewall, etc is another. Basicly the more you have the more potential you have for things breaking or being hacked/compromised.

If the phone system is also your sole resource to get out on the internet and it is broken in some way then you have a problem getting calls and getting onto the internet for help. The two primary ways of communication hosed in one quick move. Not good.


What you say may be true up to a point. sipX is moving down the path to incorporating proxy. b2bua,sbc etc all in the one solution. The question is probably not really a philosophical one more, why would freePBX that made its name being part of A&Home, Trixbox not look to other platform integration models?