Moving install from running USB flash drive to internal HD. Same hardware

Hello to all. I have a situation which I hope you can help me with. I recently built a PIAF(FREEPBX machine which has the entire system installed on a 8gb usb flash drive. The hardware is a Dell 8100 desktop. All has been working fine for a week now and I am very happy with the install. I have created several extensions, miscellaneous destinations, trunks, custom system sounds IVR’s etc. All is good.

Yesterday I decided I want to move the running configuration to the internal HD of the Dell. First I thought of using clonezilla, but as my clonezilla also boots from a usb flash drive the system kept booting to my PIAF(FREEPBX flash system so that was NG.

Next I thought I could simply install the same version of PIAF(FREEPBX (Purple) to the internal HD, this I did. Since the PIAF(FREEPBX flash install has the same version, I thought I could simply boot the flash PIAF(FREEPBX system, and do a backup. I did this, located the gz file and moved it offline to another box.

I then rebooted with the PIAF(FREEPBX internal drive and moved the backup to the appropriate location on the PIAF(FREEPBX box (/var/lib/asterisk/backups ).

Using the Backup/Restore feature I did a restore of the backup. I was expecting all to be fine. Upon completion, it appears the files were not restored. ( ie I still had a running system but no configuration ). I, stopped Asterisk, restarted, still nill. I rebooted the system, still nill.

What am I missing here?? Has anyone achieved this recently? Please do not point me to old links to old solutions.

Thanks, Tim