Moving commercial modules to new machine

I have an installation of FreePBX 13 on an old server. I copied that whole machine as a transitional server to a virtual machine and ran the update to 14. I think everything is working except the commercial modules. Next a installed a fresh copy of FreePBX 14 on a vm and want to backup (with the FreePBX backup) the transitional vm to and restore to the new vm. How do I finally get the commercial modules to the fresh install of 14? The original 13 machine and the transitional 14 vm will be shut down once the move is over.

you activate the 14 system with the correct deployment ID which has the commercial modules attached to it

sounds like each time you are creating a new activation/deployment versus using existing and thus none of the commercial modules associated move over

That’s true but it wasn’t clear what would happen to my production server if I deactivated it.

So what will happen during the transition time when the production server isn’t activated?

In order for you to use the conversion tool the new system must have a deployment id. Once the transfer is done you need to Zend Release both systems and then reactivate the new box with the deployment id of the old box to get the licenses transferred.

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