Mover Conference User to Voicemail

When a caller calls in today, they go to conference 1111.

Conference 1111 plays a message that someone will join the conference and help them.

If no one joins the conference within two minutes (wait 2 minutes, then if conference 1111 user count = 1 goto 1111 voicemail, otherwise done). I want the single member to be redirected out of the conference and to voicemail 1111.

Any ideas on the best way to accomplish this?

The concept of 'wait here until someone is ready for you" sounds like a parking lot, or a queue. Both of can be configured to time out after a few min to VM. Do you actually need a conference in this application?

Maybe not. I would build a route for the extension to call that would dial the feature code for the parking lot in that case, right?

Without the Park and Announce features of paging pro and conference pro, yes you can just send to a Misc Destination that dials the parking lot. It’s less than idea because it will announce the parking slot to the caller.

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I thought I remembered somewhere, each extension has a parking space by default, is that right?

@lgaetz having some trouble making an inbound route point to a parking space. I built a misc. destination and connected it to an inbound route. I want the caller to go stirght to parking space 74.

For the misc destination I tried *274 & ##74, neither worked.

Inbound route> misc destination > Parking space 74

Any ideas?

Or anyone really, Does anyone know how I could send a caller from an inbound route to parking space 74 directly without having to make a custom destination? Trying to keep in all in the GUI.


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