Moved a PBX installation and experiencing a few problems


My old PBX setup died yesterday. I was able to move over my PBX to a new computer. While doing so, I updated both the Asterisk and FreePBX version to Free PBX v2.11.0.32 & Asterisk v 1.8.30. With our new installation, we are having some issues. I would appreciate it if anybody can push me in the right direction for resolving these issues.

  • One of our phone is not making or receiving calls. We here the following error, even when no calls are present
    “Your simultaneous call limit has been reached”.
  • The follow me Caller ID posts as NPA-NXX-XXXX. (When we call from an extension, say 4218, and the phone routes to follow me. The follow me Caller ID for extension 4218 shows as our Main number 4200.
  • When rebooting, our phone does not detect the configuration settings. The error displays as “Error cannot find the boot server”. We have all Polycom phones. IP 330 SIP and IP 550 phones.
  • I would appreciate if somebody could point me to a phone or endpoint manager to help me configure the phones with the upgraded system. The phones are currently using the previous settings and work correctly (besides the phone listed above)
  • The Voicemail messages are not being e-mailed to the users. We had our previous installation successfully set up to e-mail the voicemail recordings to the user’s e-mail. The voicemail e-mail setting is correct, as well as the user’s e-mail address.

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The simultaneous call message is not comping from FreePBX. Must be your provider

You must have the trunk set to override caller ID

The endpoint manager that I suggest is available in the store, it is a commercial module. There is also an open source endpoint manager in the 3rd party repo

You have to have a valid mail exchanger on your system.

Since you updated Asterisk and FreePBX I can assume this is not a Distro but a hand installed system. You need to give us far more info on the system and trunk types. In fact if not a distro you won’t be able to use the commercial modules.

Hi SkyKingOH.

Thank you for your response. I did some more digging and it appears that the configuration did not transfer for our phone that was receiving the simultaneous call message. I think I need to proceed with the endpoint manager as I cannot determine where the phone config files are in this new installation.

I’ve set up a valid e-mail for our voicemail and i’ll give it a try later today.

Can you help me determine where I configure the trunk to override the caller ID? There are many areas that affect the caller ID in FreePBX v2.11 and I’m not sure which area that is in.

This is the distro. I am using the official FreePBX distro available from